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 Dharmendra Rana
 Sumit Yadav
 Deepak Patel
 Nitin Mondal
Shivam Shukla
Last Updated 12 August 2021 11:50 PM 
Application Closed
We are excited to announce that we are looking for "Interpreters" to Join our Team. If you are someone who can Translate English & Hindi to one another and have an Intermediate Degree.
Feel Free to Apply by simply Sharing Your Video via email in which you have to translate the Paragraph Below in Hindi.

There are two broad factors that drive the magnitude and the choice of instruments in which monies are saved. Liquidity preference is a primordial factor that allows households to choose between various savings options. For example, households that have a very high level of liquidity preference would choose savings deposits over fixed deposits. When the distribution of savings across various options is disaggregated by level of education, we find that informatically complicated options, such as pension plans, are preferred by households with higher levels of education. Preference for insurance schemes and savings in regional banks declines with increasing levels of education.

Application Fees   "Nil"
 Last Date to Apply
 "8 JULY 2021"
 Interview Date
 "18 July 2021"
New Date 
"24 JULY 2021"
 Result Date
 "25 July 2021"
 Joining Date
 " 12 August 2021"

Selection Mode
 "Translation Test & Video Interview"
Total Post- "5" (WORK FROM HOME)
Earnings -  "Rs. ~14000/-" Per Month
Working Time - "150-250" Minutes Per Day
Email id - ""
(  WhatsApp Message  is Strictly Not Allowed )

Note:-Please do not forget to share your basic details ie. Name, Age, City & Educational Qualification in your Application Video. 

Team "ii"